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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.4.1 | 



The cubrid_set_query_timeout function configures timeout value for query execution.

The timeout value configured by cci_set_query_timeout affects the cubrid_prepare and  cubrid_execute function. When timeout occurs in the function and if the disconnect_on_query_timeout value configured in cubrid_connect_with_url connection URL is yes, it returns a CUBRID_ER_QUERY_TIMEOUT error.

The cubrid_prepare and cubrid_execute functions return an error in case that login_timeout is configured in the connection URL, which is an argument of the cubrid_connect_with_url function; this means that login timeout happens between application client and server (CAS) during re-connection.

It is going through the process of re-connection between application client and server (CAS) when an application restarts or it is re-scheduled. Re-scheduling is a process that an application server chooses an application client, and starts and stops connection in the unit of transaction. If KEEP_CONNECTION, Broker parameter, is OFF, it always happens; if AUTO, it can happen depending on its situation. For details, see KEEP_CONNECTION description in the "Performance Tuning > Broker Configuration > Parameter by Broker" on the manual.


bool cubrid_set_query_timeout(resource $conn_identifier, int $timeout);

  • conn_identifier : Connection identifier
  • timeout : Timeout(timeout); unit is millisecond (msec.).
Return Value
  • Success : Configured value before changes
  • Failure : FALSE