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The cubrid_prepare function is an API that represents a pre-compiled SQL statement on the given connection handle. The SQL statement is pre-compiled and then included in cubrid_prepare(). This method can be used to efficiently execute the statement multiple times or to effectively process Long Data. You can use only a single statement and a parameter can insert a question mark (?) into appropriate position in the SQL statement. You can also add a parameter to the position in the VALUES clause of the INSERT statement or in the WHERE clause of the SQL statement, for which the value is to be substituted. Substituting a value for a question mark (?) can be performed only by cubrid_bind.


resource cubrid_prepare (resource $conn_identifier, string $prepare_stmt [, int $option])

  • conn_identifier : Connection handle
  • prepare_stmt : A prepare query
  • option : OID return option - CUBRID_INCLUDE_OID
Return Value
  • Success : Request handle
  • Failure : FALSE


$conn = cubrid_connect("localhost", 33000, "demodb");


$sql = <<<EOD

SELECT g.event_code,

FROM game g

JOIN event e ON g.event_code=e.code

WHERE host_year = ? AND event_code NOT IN (SELECT event_code FROM game WHERE host_year=?) GROUP BY event_code;



$req = cubrid_prepare($conn, $sql);


cubrid_bind($req, 1, 2004);

cubrid_bind($req, 2, 2000);



$row_num = cubrid_num_rows($req);

printf("There are %d event that exits in 2004 olympic but not in 2000. For example: ", $row_num);


printf("%-15s %s ", "Event_code", "Event_name");

printf("---------------------------- ");


$row = cubrid_fetch_assoc($req);

printf("%-15d %s ", $row["event_code"], $row["name"]);

$row = cubrid_fetch_assoc($req);

printf("%-15d %s ", $row["event_code"], $row["name"]);





The above example will output:


There are 27 event that exits in 2004 olympic but not in 2000. For example:


Event_code      Event_name


20063           +91kg

20070           64kg

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