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The cubrid_connect function configures the connection environment with the server by using the given information such as the server address, port number, database name, user name and password. If the user name and password are not set, PUBLIC is used as default.


resource cubrid_connect (string $host, int $port, string $dbname[, string $userid[, string $passwd[, bool $new_link]]])

  • host : IP address and host name of the Broker Server
  • port : Port number of the Broker Server
  • dbname : Database name
  • userid : Database user name
  • passwd : Database user password
  • new_link : Whether to re-use an existing connection if an environment is identical in one HTTP request. If the value is true, a new connection identifier is created; if false and a connection with the same address, port number, database name, and user name exists, the existing connection is used. Note that this option is only valid within HTTP request; when HTTP request is closed, all connections are closed as well.
Return Value
  • Success : Connection handle
  • Failure : FALSE


printf("%-30s %s ", "CUBRID PHP Version:", cubrid_version());


printf(" ");


$conn = cubrid_connect("localhost", 33000, "demodb");


if (!$conn) {

    die('Connect Error ('. cubrid_error_code() .')' . cubrid_error_msg());



$db_params = cubrid_get_db_parameter($conn);


while (list($param_name, $param_value) = each($db_params)) {

    printf("%-30s %s ", $param_name, $param_value);



printf(" ");


$server_info = cubrid_get_server_info($conn);

$client_info = cubrid_get_client_info();


printf("%-30s %s ", "Server Info:", $server_info);

printf("%-30s %s ", "Client Info:", $client_info);


printf(" ");


$charset = cubrid_get_charset($conn);


printf("%-30s %s ", "CUBRID Charset:", $charset);




The above example will output:


CUBRID PHP Version:  



LOCK_TIMEOUT                   -1

MAX_STRING_LENGTH              1073741823

PARAM_AUTO_COMMIT              0


Server Info:         

Client Info:                   8.3.1


CUBRID Charset:                iso8859-1

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