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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.2.1 |  CUBRID 8.3.0 |  CUBRID 8.3.1 |  CUBRID 8.4.0 |  CUBRID 8.4.1 | 

Using Data Link Property Dialog Box

In the [Data Link Properties] dialog box, you can check and configure various OLE DB providers provided by the current Windows operating system.

If you have properly installed the CUBRID OLE DB Provider for Windows, 'CUBRID OLE DB Provider' is displayed in the provider list of the [Data Link Properties] dialog box, as shown below.


If you click the [Next] button after selecting 'CUBRID OLE DB Provider', the [Connection] tab appears as shown below. Set the desired link properties in the [Connection] tab.


  • Data source : Enter the name of the CUBRID database.
  • Location : Enter the IP address or host name of the server where the CUBRID Broker is running.
  • User name : Enter the name of the user who will log on to the database server.
  • Password : Enter the password to be used for the database server logon.

Select all connection properties and then click the [All] tab.


To check every value currently configured, click the [All] tab; to edit the value, double-click the item you want. When the [Edit Property Value] dialog box appears, enter the desired value and then click [OK]. The figure above shows an example that configures the [Port] to "31000," and [Fetch Size] to "100."

You can check whether the connection is working properly by clicking the [Test Connection] button in the [Connection] tab after completing all configurations.