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Transaction Rollback


The ROLLBACK WORK statement removes all updates to the database since the last transaction. The WORK keyword can be omitted. By using this statement, you can cancel incorrect or unnecessary updates before they are permanently applied to the database. All locks obtained during the transaction are released.




The following example shows two commands that modify the definition and the row of the same table.

ALTER TABLE code DROP s_name;

INSERT INTO code (s_name, f_name) VALUES ('D','Diamond');


ERROR: s_name is not defined.

The INSERT statement fails because the s_name column has been dropped in the definition of code. The data intended to be entered to the code table is correct, but the s_name column is wrongly removed. At this point, you can use the ROLLBACK WORK statement to restore the original definition of the code table.


Later, remove the s_name column by entering the ALTER TABLE again and modify the INSERT statement. The INSERT command must be entered again because the transaction has been aborted. If the database update has been done as intended, commit the transaction to make the changes permanent.

ALTER TABLE code drop s_name;

INSERT INTO code (f_name) VALUES ('Diamond');