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Multi-Thread Programming in .NET Environment

To develop programs by using the CUBRID OLE DB Provider in the Microsoft .NET, you should consider the followings:

If you develop multi-thread programs by using ADO.NET in the management environment, you need to change the value of the ApartmentState attribute of the Thread object to a ApartmentState.STA value because the CUBRID OLE DB Provider supports only Single Threaded Apartment (STA) attributes.

Without any change of given values, the default value of the attribute in the Thread object returns Unknown value, thereby causing abnormal process or errors during multi-threads programming.

Caution All OLE DB objects are COM objects. Currently, the CUBRID OLE DB Provider supports only the apartment threading model among COM threading models. It does not support the free threading model. This applies to not only the .NET but all multi-threaded environment.

Note If a string longer than defined size in a column is inserted(INSERT) or updated(UPDATE), the string will be truncated.