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Registering Services

You can register one or more of database server, CUBRID Broker, CUBRID Manager or CUBRID HA as CUBRID services in the database environment configuration file (cubrid.conf). Only a master process is registered by default if you have not registered a specific service by yourself. You can conveniently run, stop or check the status of all related processes at once by using the cubrid service utility if they are registered as CUBRID services. The following is an example of registering the database Server and Broker as services in the database environment configuration file, and configuring the demodb and testdb databases to be started automatically when the CUBRID service starts.

For details about CUBRID HA configuration, see Utilities of cubrid service

The following is an example of configuring cubrid.conf so that database server and broker are registered to service, and demodb and testdb start automatically when CUBRID service starts.

# cubrid.conf




# The list of processes to be started automatically by 'cubrid service start' command

# Any combinations are available with server, broker, manager and heartbeat.



# The list of database servers in all by 'cubrid service start' command.

# This property is effective only when the above 'service' property contains 'server' keyword.