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Language Setting

The language that will be used in the CUBRID DBMS can be designated with the CUBRID_LANG environment variable. The following are values that can currently be set in the CUBRID_LANG environment variable.

  • en_US : English (Default value)
  • ko_KR.euckr : Korean EUC-KR encoding
  • ko_KR.utf8 : Korean utf-8 encoding

The language setting in the CUBRID system does not represent the character sets of data that is saved. In other words, even though the CUBRID_LANG is set to ko_KR.utf8, the data may not be changed to the concerned encoding. CUBRID’s language setting will have an influence on the message printed from the program and will impact the date/time data type constant displayed throughout the use of the program.

If the CUBRID_LANG is not set, then the value of the LANG environment variable will be used. If the set value does not support the CUBRID_LANG or LANG value, then the action will be made as if the setting has been made to en_US, the default value.