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Stored functions and procedures are used to implement complicated program logic that is not possible with SQL. They allow users to manipulate data more easily. Stored functions/procedures are blocks of code that have a flow of commands for data manipulation and are easy to manipulate and administer.

CUBRID supports to develop stored functions and procedures in Java. Java stored functions/procedures are executed on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) hosted by CUBRID.

You can call Java stored functions/procedures from SQL statements or from Java applications using JDBC.

The advantages of using Java stored functions/procedures are as follows:

  • Productivity and usability : Java stored functions/procedures, once created, can be reused anytime. They can be called from SQL statements or from Java applications using JDBC.
  • Excellent interoperability and portability : Java stored functions/procedures use the Java Virtual Machine. Therefore, they can be used on any system where the Java Virtual Machine is available.