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Dynamically Changing Broker Parameters


You can configure the parameters related to running the Broker in the broker environment configuration file (cubrid_broker.conf). For more information, see Parameter by Broker in the "Performance Management Guide." You can also modify some broker parameters temporarily while the Broker is running by using the broker_changer utility. The following broker parameters can be modified dynamically.


The syntax for the broker_changer utility, which is used to change broker parameters while the Broker is running, is as follows. Enter the name of the currently running Broker for the broker_name. The parameters can be used only for dynamically modifiable parameters. The value must be specified based on the parameter to be modified. You can specify CAS identifier (cas_id) to apply the changes to the specific CAS. cas_id is an ID to be output by cubrid broker status command.

broker_changer  broker_name [cas_idparameters  value

Example 1

Enter the following to configure the SQL_LOG parameter to ON so that SQL logs can be written to the currently running Broker. Such dynamic parameter change is effective only while the Broker is running.

% broker_changer query_editor sql_log on


Example 2

Enter the following to change Broker's ACCESS_MODE to Read Only and automatically reset the Broker in HA environment.

% broker_changer broker_m access_mode ro


Note If you want to control the service using Cubrid utilities in Windows Vista or the later versions of Window, you are recommended to open the command prompt window as an administrator. For more information, see the notes of CUBRID Utilities.