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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.4.0 | 

Basic Structure

The most basic structure of CUBRID HA consists of one master node and one slave node.

As the basic structure focusing on the unique feature of CUBRID HA that provides an uninterrupted service during a failover, this structure requires a small amount of resources on a small scale service. Because there are only one master node and one slave node for service, the read load may be concentrated to these two nodes during read-heavy operations.


An Example of Node Configuration

You can configure each node in the basic structure of HA as shown below:

  • nodeA (master node)
    • Configure the ha_mode of the cubrid.conf file to on.
    • ha_mode=on
    • The following is an example of configuring cubrid_ha.conf:
    • ha_port_id=12345
    • ha_node_list=cubrid@nodeA:nodeB
    • ha_db_list=testdb1,testdb2
  • nodeB (slave node): Configure this node in the same manner as nodeA.

For the databases.txt file of a broker node, it is necessary to configure the list of hosts configured as HA in db-host according to their priority. The following is an example of the databases.txt file:

#db-name    vol-path                  db-host       log-path

testdb1     /home/cubrid/DB/testdb1   nodeA:nodeB   /home/cubrid/DB/testdb1/log