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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.3.0 |  CUBRID 8.3.1 |  CUBRID 8.4.0 |  CUBRID 8.4.1 |  CUBRID 8.4.3 |  CUBRID 9.0.0 | 


You can execute it directly at the SQL level in CUBRID 2008 R3.0 or higher because the prepared statement is provided at the server side from CUBRID 2008 R3.0. However, the prepared statement area at the SQL level is limited to the client session in which the SQLs are created and the previous prepared statement cannot be executed after SQL statements are execited with ;run or ;xrun.

Provide the following SQL statements to use the prepared statement.

  • Prepare the SQL statement to execute.
  • PREPARE stmt_name FROM preparable_stmt
  • Execute the prepared statement.
  • EXECUTE stmt_name [USING value [, value] …]
  • Drop the prepared statement.