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Introduction to the CSQL Interpreter

A Tool for SQL

The CSQL Interpreter is an application installed with CUBRID that allows you to execute in an interactive or batch mode and viewing query results. The CSQL Interpreter has a command-line interface. With this, you can save SQL statements together with their results to a file for a later use.

The CSQL Interpreter provides the best and easiest way to use CUBRID. You can develop database applications with various APIs (e.g. JDBC, ODBC, PHP, CCI, etc.; you can use the CUBRID Manager, which is a management and query tool provided by CUBRID. With the CSQL Interpreter, users can create and retrieve data in a terminal-based environment.

The CSQL Interpreter directly connects to a CUBRID database and executes various tasks using SQL statements. Using the CSQL Interpreter, you can:

  • Retrieve, update and delete data in a database by using SQL statements
  • Execute external shell commands
  • Save or print query results
  • Create and execute SQL script files
  • Select table schema
  • Retrieve or modify parameters of the database server system
  • Retrieve database information (e.g. schema, triggers, queued triggers, workspaces, locks, and statistics)
A Tool for DBA

A database administrator (DBA) performs administrative tasks by using various administrative utilities provided by CUBRID; a terminal-based interface of CSQL Interpreter is an environment where DBA executes administrative tasks.

It is also possible to run the CSQL Interpreter in a standalone mode. In this mode, the CSQL Interpreter directly accesses database files and executes commands including server process properties. That is, SQL statements can be executed to a database without running a separate database server process. The CSQL Interpreter is a powerful tool that allows you to use the database only with a csql utility, without any other applications such as the Database Server or the Brokers.