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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.3.1 | 

HA Constraints

  • You can use CUBRID HA features only in Linux-based systems.
  • Active and standby servers must be configured on the same platform.
  • Only tables for which primary keys are defined can be replicated.
  • In the following cases, data between a master database and a slave database may not match.
    • If a table trigger or Java Stored Procedure have been configured : It is executed in duplicate with a slave database.
    • If a table method is used : When replication is performed, a replication logs are not generated.
    • If the NOT NULL option is configured for a column, using CUBRID Manager : The replication log are not generated.
    • If an operation is performed in standalone mode in HA configuration: If server processing mode is inactive in standalone mode, the DB operations can be performed. Therefore, the logs generated in standalone mode is not reflected in a slave database.