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The DOUBLE data type is used to represent floating point numbers. The value range is available from -1.7976931348623157E+308 to 2.2250738585072014E-308, 0, and from 2.2250738585072014E-308 to 1.7976931348623157E+308. It conforms to the ANSI/IEEE 754-1985 standard.

The precision p is not specified. The data specified as this data type is represented as double precision (in 15 significant figures).


  • DOUBLE is in 15 significant figures.
  • Representable range is different based on system where CUBRID is running.
  • Extra caution is required when comparing data because the DOUBLE type stores approximate numeric.
  • DOUBLE and DOUBLE PRECISION are used interchangeably.

If you specify 1234.56789 as DOUBLE, 1.234567890000000e+003 is stored.