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Constraints on Replication

  • Replication features are supported only on UNIX-family platforms.
  • Master and slave databases must be configured on the same platform. For example, you cannot configure the master database on Linux and the slave on Solaris.
  • Only tables with primary key can be replicated.
  • Tables with attributes of object type can cause errors during replication. You can use the foreign key ON CACHE OBJECT to replicate an object type. For more information, see Foreign Key Constraint.
  • The master database can be replaced by the slave database only when primary keys are configured in all tables in the master database.
  • You cannot execute the UPDATE statement which meets the condition 1 and 2 at the same time. In this case, errors are as follows:
    • Condition 1 : Executing UPDATE with the attribute with unique constraints
    • Condition 2 : Executing UPDATE several records

// English

Current version of replication does not allow changing multiple rows with a single UPDATE statement which can violate the UNIQUE constraint.


// Korean

한글 버전의 복제는 하나의 UPDATE 질의로 여러 레코드를 변경시키는 것이 UNIQUE 제약을 위반하는 경우 허용되지 않습니다.