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Connection-Related Parameters

The following are parameters related to the Database Server. The type and value range for each parameter are as follows:

Parameter Name


Default Value



















cubrid_port_id is a parameter that configures the port to be used by the master process. The default value is 1,523. If the port 1,523 is already being used on the server where CUBRID is installed or it is blocked by a firewall, an error message, which means the master server is not connected because the master process cannot be running properly, is outputted. If such port conflict occurs, the administrator must change the value of cubrid_port_id considering the server environment.


db_hosts is a parameter that specifies a list of Database Server hosts to which clients can connect, and the connection order. The server host list consists of more than one server host names, and host names are separated by spaces or colons (:). Duplicate or non-existent names are ignored.

The following is an example that shows the values of the db_hosts parameter. In this example, connections are attempted in the order of host1 > host2 > host3.


To connect to the server, the client first tries to connect to the specified server host referring to the database location file (databases.txt). If the connection fails, the client then tries to connect to the first one of the secondarily specified server hosts by referring to the value of the db_hosts parameter in the database configuration file (cubrid.conf).


max_clients is a parameter that configures the maximum number of clients (usually Broker processes) which allow concurrent connections to the database server. The max_clients parameter refers to the number of concurrent transactions. The default value is 50.

To grantee performance while increasing the number of concurrent users in CUBRID environment, you need to assign an approviate value to max_clients (cubrid.conf) and MAX_NUM_APPL_SERVER (cubrid_broker.conf) parameters. That is, you are required to modify the number of concurrent connections allowed by databases with the max_clients parameter. You should also modify the number of concurrent connections allowed by brokers with the MAX_NUM_APPL_SERVER parameter.

For example, in the cubrid_broker.conf file, the MAX_NUM_APPL_SERVER value of [%query_editor] is 50 and the MAX_NUM_APPL_SERVER value of [%BROKER1] is 50, you should specify the max_clients parameter value as 120 (100 multiplied by 2) in the cubrid.conf file so that it can have more free space.