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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.2.1 |  CUBRID 8.3.0 |  CUBRID 8.3.1 |  CUBRID 8.4.0 |  CUBRID 8.4.1 | 


The CCI (C Client Interface) is an interface that exists between the CUBRID broker and the application client, through which a C-based application client can access the CUBRID database server using a broker. This interface is also used as an infrastructure for making tools that utilize CAS (e.g. PHP and ODBC). The CUBRID broker delivers the query received from an application client to the broker, and transfers the execution result to the client.

A header file and library files are required to use CCI.

  • Header file : $CUBRID/include/cas_cci.h
  • Library file :
    • $CUBRID/lib/ (Windows : cascci.dll)
    • $CUBRID/lib/libcascci.a (Windows : cascci.lib)