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The TRANSLATE function searches for a character specified as a character string, from_substring, within a given character string, string, and replaces it with a character specified as a character string, to_substring, if exists. Correspondence relationship is determined according to the order of characters specified by from_substring and to_substring. All characters in from_substring that do not have a one to one correspondence relationship with the characters in to_substring are removed from the string. The TRANSLATE function is working like the REPLACE function, but you cannot omit the to_substring argument with this function.


TRANSLATE( string, from_substring, to_substring )


string :

? character string



from_substring :

? character string



to_substring :

? character string


  • string : Specifies the original string. If the value is NULL, NULL is returned.
  • from_substring : Specifies the string to be retrieved. If the value is NULL, NULL is returned.
  • to_substring : Specifies the character string in the from_substring to be replaced. It cannot be omitted. If the value is NULL, NULL is returned.

--it returns NULL when an argument is specified with NULL value

SELECT TRANSLATE('12345abcdeabcde','abcde', NULL);





--it translates 'a','b','c','d','e' into '1', '2', '3', '4', '5' respectively

SELECT TRANSLATE('12345abcdeabcde', 'abcde', '12345');





--it translates 'a','b','c' into '1', '2', '3' respectively and removes 'd's and 'e's

SELECT TRANSLATE('12345abcdeabcde','abcde', '123');





--it removes 'a's,'b's,'c's,'d's, and 'e's in the string

SELECT TRANSLATE('12345abcdeabcde','abcde', '');




--it only translates 'a','b','c' into '3', '4', '5' respectively

SELECT TRANSLATE('12345abcdeabcde','ABabc', '12345');