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Query Results Pane

The query results pane displays the results of the query executed. If there are multiple queries executed, the results of each query are displayed in a separate tab. You can check the query results by selecting the corresponding tab.

The query results pane is divided into areas where you can navigate the results, view information of the executed query, and check execution time and the number of results returned by the query.


If you execute an SQL statement other than SELECT or if there is an error in the SELECT statement executed, query execution information and error message or execution time information are displayed in the Logs tab.


Query Results Pane Structure
  • Results search : You can navigate the entire search results while moving by the value set in [Page unit of result instances] of [Query options].
  • Query execution information : Shows from which query the current result comes.
  • Execution time and Number of hits : Provides information about the execution time on the server to get the current query results and total search count.
Options in the Query Results Pane

As shown in the figure below, the query results pane's shortcut menu contains options such as Copy, Modify, Delete, OID navigator, View detail, Export all and Export selected.


  • Copy : Copies an entire row. To copy a specific column of the row only, select [View detail].
  • Modify : The information can be modified directly from the query results pane. Change data to a modifiable state by double-clicking it, and then modify it. This option is available when [Get OID info] is set in the given host's Properties (icon_properties.png) > [Query] dialog box, or [OID info (icon_oid.png)] is specified.
  • manager_queryeditor_result_edit.png
  • Delete : You can delete data directly in the query results pane. Right-click the row to delete and then select [Delete]. This option is available only when [Get OID info] is set as the modify function does.
  • OID navigator : This option can be activated by right-clicking an OID data. It provides a function that allows you to navigate the selected OID directly.
  • View detail : If there are too long data to be displayed in a single row, or if its size is too big, it is very difficult to see column values on the query results pane. In this case, you can see column values in detail by right-clicking the row and then selecting [View detail]. You can also modify data directly in the [Detail] dialog box if [Get OID info] option is set. In addition, you can copy values for each column.
  • manager_queryeditor_result_detail.png
  • Export all : Exports all data in the query results pane to an Excel or a CSV file.
  • Export selected : Exports only the data in the row selected in the query results pane to an Excel or a CSV file.

When you place the mouse pointer over a column name in the query results pane, you can see the data type of the column.