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Query Editor Structure

The CUBRID Manager's Query Editor is a query tool that supports execution of all DML, DDL, DCL statements, allowing users to edit and execute queries more easily.

To run the Query Editor, select [Tools] > [New Query] or select [New Query icon_queryedit.png] from the toolbar. You can also right-click a specific database and then select [New Query].

If you select [New Query] by right clicking on a database, the default query editor is run with the basic information provided upon login to the corresponding database. However, if you select it on the menu or toolbar, you can specify your login information by yourself to connect the database. The character set displayed on the screen is the same one that is specified for the database connection. You can log in setting the information of the database login, character set, and JDBC driver version. 


The Query Editor window is divided into a query edit pane at the top and a query results pane at the bottom. In the query edit pane, you can type and edit queries to execute with a toolbar that contains icons for frequently used functions in the Query Editor. In the query results pane, you can see the query results in a tab format and check the query execution time.