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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.2.1 |  CUBRID 8.3.0 |  CUBRID 8.3.1 | 



cm_port is a parameter that sets the port to be used between the CUBRID Manager server and client. Two ports are actually used: the port set by the cm_port parameter and other port added by 1. For example, if the default value is set to 8001, both 8001 and 8002 ports are actually used. cm_port is used by cub_auto, and cm_port+1 is used by cub_js.


monitor_interval is a parameter that sets the monitoring interval (in seconds) of the cub_auto process of the CUBRID Manager sever. The default value is 5 (sec), and the minimum value is 1 (sec). The shorter the monitor_interval, the greater the system load.


allow_user_multi_connection is a parameter that allows connection by using CUBRID Manager clients. If the parameter is set to YES, which is the default value, all users in the server can use the same user name to connect to the system from more than one CUBRID Manager clients.


auto_start_broker is a parameter that sets whether to startthe CUBRID Broker automatically accompanying with the CUBRID Manager server. If the parameter is set to YES, which is the default value, the CUBRID Broker starts together with the CUBRID Manager server.


execute_diag is a parameter that activates the database diagnosis functionality provided by the CUBRID Manager. If the parameter is set to OFF, which is the default value, the database diagnosis functionality is deactivated; if it is set to ON, the functionality can be used through the CUBRID Manager. However, the broker diagnosis functionality will be still active even if this parameter is set to OFF; this affects only the database diagnosis functionality.


server_long_query_time is a parameter that sets a reference time determined by a slow query, a diagnosis operation performed by the database. The default value is 10 (sec). In this case, if the execution time of a query exceeds 10 seconds, it is determined as a slow query. The server_long_query_time parameter is valid only when the execute_diag parameter is set to ON because it is applied when the database diagnosis functionality by the CUBRID Manager is activated.