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Logging-Related Parameters

The following are parameters related to logs used for database backup and restore. The type and value range for each parameter are as follows:

Parameter Name


Default Value














log_max_archives int INT_MAX 0  
background_archiving bool yes    
log_flush_interval_in_msecs int 1000 0  

checkpoint_interval_in_mins is a parameter that configures the interval (in minutes) in which checkpoints are performed. The greater the value of the checkpoint_interval_in_mins parameter, the more time is needed for database restore. Therefore, it is recommended to configure the interval to a value from 20 to 30 minutes. The default value is 30.


log_buffer_pages is a parameter that configures the number of log buffer pages to be cached in the memory. The default value is 50. If the value of the log_buffer_pages parameter is big, performance can be improved (due to the decrease in disk I/O) when transactions are long and numerous. It is recommended to configure an appropriate value considering the memory size and operations of the system where CUBRID is installed.

  • Required memory size = the number of log buffer pages (log_buffer_pages) * database page size (database_page_size)
  • The number of log buffer pages = the value of the log_buffer_pages parameter
  • Database page size = the value of the page size specified by the -s option of the cubrid createdb utility during the database creation

media_failure_support is a parameter that specifies whether or not to store archive logs in case of storage media failure. If the parameter is configured to yes, which is the default value, all active logs are copied to archive logs when the active logs are full and the transaction is active. If it is configured to no, archive logs created after the active logs are full are deleted automatically. Note that archive logs are deleted automatically if the value of the parameter is configured to no.


log_max_archives is a parameter that sets the maximum number of archive log files to record if media_failure_support is set to yes. The minimum value is set to zero, and the default is INT_MAX. For example, when log_max_archives=3 in cubrid.conf, the most recent three archive log files are recorded. If a fourth archiving log file is generated, the oldest archive log file is automatically deleted. The information about the deleted archive log is recorded into the *_login file.
However, if an active transaction still refers to an existing archive log, the archive log will not be deleted. That is, if a transaction starts at the point that the first archive log is generated, and it is still active until the fifth archive log is generated, the first archive log cannot be deleted. 


background_archiving is a parameter that generate a temporary archive log periodically at a specific time if media_failure_support is set to yes. This is useful when balancing disk I/O load due to the archive log process. The default is yes.