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Dropping Range Partitions


You can drop a partition by using the DROP PARTITION clause of the ALTER statement.


ALTER {TABLE | CLASS} <table_name>
DROP PARTITION <partition_name>

  • table_name : Specifies the name of the partitioned table.
  • partition_name : Specifies the name of the partition to be dropped.

The following is an example of dropping the before_2000 partition in the participant2 table.

ALTER TABLE participant2 DROP PARTITION before_2000;

  • When dropping a partitioned table, all stored data in the partition are also dropped.
  • If you want to change the partitioning of a table without losing data, use the ALTER TABLE...REORGANIZE PARTITION statement (see "Redefining Range Partitions").
  • The number of rows deleted is not returned when a partition is dropped. If you want to delete the data, but want to maintain the table and partitions, use the DELETE statement.