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Install CUBRID with AutoSet

AutoSet is a software bundle for Windows, which provides seamless installation of Apache, PHP, MySQL, CUBRID, and Subversion. It is distributed under the Apache License version 2.0 and is available in both English and Korean languages. Users can choose one or more software items during the AutoSet installation which will be installed all together.


Download the latest version of AutoSet from CUBRID FTP Server.


AutoSet Installer 6.3.1 provides the following list of software. You can choose any of them during the installation.

  • Apache HTTP Server 2.2.17 (includes openssl 0.9.9o, mod_security 2.5.13, mod_log_rotate 1.00a)
  • PHP 5.3.5
  • Sendmail version 31
  • ionCube Loader 3.1.34
  • MySQL Community Server 5.5.8
  • CUBRID 2008 R3.1 Server (includes CUBRID Manager)
  • Subversion 1.6.15 (includes mod_dav_svn, mod_authz_svn)
  • phpMyAdmin
  • XpressEngine CMS (includes Core, Textyle 1.3.1, board 1.3, text editor, ingredient modules, categories, tag list)


Once you download AutoSet Installer, run it. At the very beginning you will be prompted to choose the display language which will be used during the installation.

Select language

Next you will be greated with a Welcome message.

Welcome to the AutoSet Setup Wizard

The information is given regarding the AutoSet Installer. You can click next once you are done.

AutoSet information

You will need to accept the aggreement to continue.

AutoSet license

Then choose the setup destination.

Setup destination

And set the Start Menu Folder name.

Select Start Menu Folder name

And select which software you would like AutoSet to install for you. You can choose to install all of them or only the selected ones. By default AutoSet Manager itself as well as Apache, PHP, Sendmail and ionCube will be installed. You can choose from two databases: MySQL or CUBRID. Other software can also be installed as shown below.

Select components

If you are ready to install, click the Install button.

Ready to install

The installation process will start and install all the software you have chosen in the previous step. If you do not have Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable package installed on your computer, it will be automatically installed during the installation process.

AutoSet installing

Once the installation is complete, you will see the following window. Check the AutoSet 6 Manager (GUI Tool) to start it when you press the Finish button.

AutoSet installation completed

Starting Apache

When you start AutoSet, it should automatically start the Apache HTTP Server. If started, you will see the server name and the port number at the top of the AutoSet window.

Apache started

If you need to restart it or stop, go to File and choose the corresponding command as shown below.

Restart/Stop Apache

Working with CUBRID

Registering CUBRID Service

By default CUBRID Service is not registered, so first you will need to register it. Go to File menu -> Manage NT Service(N) and choose Register to CUBRID service.

AutoSet Register to CUBRID service

The CUBRID Service will start being registered.

Register CUBRID server

Once completed you will see the CUBRID Service name and the port number at the top of the window.

AutoSet CUBRID Service registered

Starting CUBRID

To start the CUBRID Service go to File and choose Start CUBRID(C).


It should start now.



To stop the CUBRID Service go to File and choose Stop CUBRID(C).


Run CUBRID Manager

To start the CUBRID Manager go to File and choose Run CUBRID Manager(G). CUBRID Manager is implemented in Java, this is why you will need to have it installed. If you do not have Java Runtime Environment installed, you will see the following error message.

No Java is found

If you do not have JRE or JDK installed, visit JDBC & Java Programming with CUBRID for downloads and instructions.

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