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Scripting cubrid createdb from command line

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Post subject: Scripting cubrid createdb from command line

registered: 03/01/2011

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I want to create a script that explores the cubrid command line utility to do the following things:

1. drop a database
2. create again a new database
3. load the data inside the database from a previous "unloaddb"

At step 2, I have an issue: the "cubrid createdb" command line utility creates the new database files in the current directory, and not inside the server's 'databases' directory under database_name folder. This means that writing a script that runs on any other machine is not possible since would be tied to my local installation paths.

mkdir /var/local/cubrid-8.3.1/databases/my_db

cubrid createdb -s /var/local/cubrid-8.3.1/databases/my_db/schema - s ....

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Is there any workaround for this?




# Post subject:Re: Scripting cubrid createdb from command line


registered: 03/29/2010

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Why don't you try to use $CUBRID_DATABASES environment variable? This would save your new database files into the same directory all other database are stored in.


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