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Post subject: Issue with column sorting

registered: 03/01/2011

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Today I have encountered another interesting scenario while working on Joomla porting.
The following query:
SELECT id AS userid FROM users ORDER BY id DESC, userid;
works in MySQL, but fails in Cubrid with error:
Error description: Semantic: There are conflicting sort directions for column 22
Obviously this is not a very "normal" query, it's rather a bug in Joomla, I would say, that sets twice the ordering column. I have tried this in MySQL and seem that considers only the first instance of the column (specified either by alias or name) and drops any subsequent ordering attempts on that column.

I am posting this as a possible improvement for Cubrid SQL parser. What do you think?



# Post subject:Re: Issue with column sorting


registered: 05/31/2011

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That's great, cristiroma!

Thank you very much for your commitment to make CUBRID better. I will report this issue to Dev Team.


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