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How to Make Small Jaw Crusher Reach Output Standard

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Post subject: How to Make Small Jaw Crusher Reach Output Standard

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After having worked for a certain time, the small jaw crusher may appear the phenomenon of the production cannot meet the factory production standard. So , when this happens, how the customers that use small jaw crusher to deal with it?

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1.Replace or increase crusher

2.Replace motor wiring

3.Adjust the discharge opening to the nominal discharge opening provided by the instruction and add a fine crusher

4.Check pitch size of the toothed plate. If it doesn't meet the standard, you must replace the jaw plate and adjust the relative position between the fixed jaw plate and the flexible jaw plate. After the tooth crest and dental root matches, you must fix and compress them in order to prevent replacement.

5.Increase voltage in the working place so as to make it adapt to host override requirement.

6.Replace the bearing or the moving jaw


There are many reasons that cause the small jaw crusher cannot meet the factory production standard. It may the own reason of the crushing equipment or the other venues and facilities reasons. So grinding machine, the operator should prescribe the right medicine and reasonably solve the problems. Only by doing that can we ensure the normal operation of the crushing equipment


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