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CUBRID Bug Bash Event!


Here comes the third exciting and worthy developers’ event in our CUBRID community! We are very happy to announce CUBRID Bug Bash event which will start on September 1st, 2011 and last for one month!

The goal of this event is to report as much bugs as possible and contribute to make CUBRID a better and more reliable ecosystem. For this we encourage all participants to submit bugs, collect points, and win one of the valuable prizes.

To make the results more precise we decided to narrow the bug searching scope down to CUBRID Tools and Web Applications. That is, all you have to do is report bugs found in the following applications:

  • CUBRID Tools:
    • CUBRID Manager
    • CUBRID Migration Tool
    • CUBRID Query Browser (or its Eclipse plugin)
  • CUBRID Web Apps:
    • CUBRID WebShell

Evaluation and Prizes

It’s simple! For every unique bug you report, we will assign a person who will look into it. If it’s confirmed and assigned to a fixer, you score a point! At the end of the month we will gather the statistics and publish the standings at the CUBRID Blog. Users with the highest number of points will get on of the following prizes.

  • Top contributor: Apple iPod Touch 32GB
  • Next six contributors: $50 Amazon/iTunes Gift Card.

Like in the previous event, those user who tweet about CUBRID or retweet our posts most, or write a nice blog (event about this event), will get $50 Amazon Gift Card.

  • Top three retweeter/blogger: $50 Amazon/iTunes Gift Card.

How to report bugs?

If you think you encountered a bug, report it to our CUBRID JIRA Issue Tracker at For this you need to have an account. If you do not have one, please signup. The registration is very simple and does not require email confirmation.


Once you are logged in, you will see your Dashboard. Click on “+Create Issue” link on the top right corner of the page. Choose the Project (CUBRID Tools or CUBRID Web Apps) and Issue Type (Bug).


Once the New Issue form appears, fill in the required fields:

  • Summary (try to set title for the bug as descriptive as possible)
  • Component (CUBRID Manager, Migration Tool, Query Browser, or WebShell)
  • Reporter (your username should automatically be set)
  • Environment (the version and the language of the application, OS, PHP or browser version if applicable).
  • Description (please describe the bug you found and the step we need to perform to reproduce it).
  • Attachment (if screenshot is available, please attach it)
  • Labels (enter bug-bash as a label, this will allow us to easily find all bugs reported by participants during this event; make sure you do not forget it).

Before you report a bug, make sure it has not been reported already. To see which issues have already been created, navigate to “Projects” menu and select the necessary project (CUBRID Tools or CUBRID Web Apps).


Once you open the project, choose the application (called component in the issue tracker) you want to see the issues for.


When you click on the application link, you will see all the issues which have previously been reported. Additionally, if you are interested, you can track how many and what kind of issues are being created by other participants of this Bug Bash event. We have created a special filter for this in our issue tracker. Feel free to use it.


To download CUBRID Tools or Apps, follow to project sites. You can also refer to any online material available for CUBRID. It is recommended to use the latest version of any product you plan to use.

Virtual Appliances

We have created many VM images which include both CUBRID, CUBRID Tools, PHP, etc. If you don't want to install packages one separately, this option will fit best. You can download the appliances from CUBRID Virtual Machine Images.

CUBRID Bundles

If you want to download and install all the applications at once, we recommend that you download the CUBRID bundle from the list below that corresponds with your operating system:

Each bundle contains the installers for CUBRID, CUBRID manager, CUBRID Migration Tool, CUBRID Query Browser and CUBRID WebShell, alongside the CUBRID PHP driver. Please read the README file included in the archive which specifies the order of the installations alongside other helpful instructions.

Stand-alone Installers

If you prefer to install the necessary packages by yourself, follow the package page and download them.

If you have any questions, post it to CUBRID Forum.

Winners & Results

The Bug Bash event is over now. We have published the results on our blog. Enjoy!


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