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20 Minutes to Understanding Spatial Database

20 Minutes to Understanding Spatial Database

Dev Platform Spatial RDBMS is an RDBMS that can process spatial data. Popular RDBMSs, such as Oracle, offer their own Spatial RDBMS fe...

6 years ago by [Level:0]Ki Sun Song 0 81680
NoSQL Benchmarking

NoSQL Benchmarking

Dev Platform NoSQL is the talk of the town. And we have already covered what it is for in one of our previous blogs. Today I would ...

6 years ago by [Level:0]Hye Jeong Lee 15 99880

Let's Open Joomla! to a Wider Audience

News Finally! This is the great news we have been waiting for exactly one month, since we started the Joomla porting process in...

7 years ago by [Level:3]Esen Sagynov 0 4929