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Join our developers event to win one of the valuable prizes!
posted 7 years ago
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2010 Top CUBRID Bug Hunters


Last Friday on June 11, 2010, we announced the winners of our CUBRID Bug Hunting Event held in Korea. We invited all developers to take a part in the annually organized event and to work their professional will upon our new upcoming release CUBRID 2008 R3.0. At CUBRID we believe in team development and in our Open Source Community, so this year again we've invited Korean enthusiasts to exercise their knowledge and professional experience around CUBRID.

The first time this event was held in September 2009 during one week period. This time the event was organized for three days between June 1st and 3rd. The participants were proposed to find possible internal bugs in the new development version of CUBRID 2008 R3.0, which they could download from the event home page. We provided the definition and condition of the terms, as well as the guide how to join the event and find the bugs. Participants could take advantage of any materials, including the result of previous activities:

  • Sample codes from CUBRID Manual.
  • Step by step Guides from CUBRID Tutorials.
  • CUBRID's previous Release Notes.
  • List of bugs reported for the previous version of CUBRID: whether they persist or not.
  • Detecting problems during the upgrade process from previous versions.
  • Determining the mismatches between the results obtained from running the identical scripts on CUBRID and on other databases.
Additionally minor bugs were expected in:

  • Manuals: incorrect sample codes / wrong descriptions / broken links / bugs in codes
  • Installation: termination during the installation stage on different platforms
  • CUBRID Manager: failure to remotely access the host / bugs during DB management, user management / problems with Eclipse integration
  • API related: interface issues / unexpected application behavior / compatibility problems
  • Performance related: Load, Unload problems / indexing / bugs found during bulk data input
  • Operations related to: backup / restore / clone
The Final Outcomes:

Overall, there were 16 registered participants. 81 downloads of CUBRID 2008 R3.0 developer version were generated during the 3 day period. The event members submitted 65 bug reports, including software bugs, documentation typos, and the tutorial errors. Most bugs were found in manuals and at CUBRID Manager, as it's easy to find bugs on GUI tools, moreover, CUBRID 2008 R3.0 introduced numerous new SQL Syntax extensions which were effortless to test on CM.

So who are the Winners!!!?

  1. The Top CUBRID Bug Hunter is a developer under chaoee (차오이) nickname who was awarded with Real Force 87 keyboard which costs around $300 (33만원). Internally we call him Sinbad (the Sailor, in our case, BugHunter or SinBug).
  2. The Tom Sawyer of this event is sqlee who received Logitech Cordless Mouse MX-1100. Costs around $100 (11만원).
  3. Robin Hood!!! This time we have a team of Robin Hoods: baguni (바구니), jimseung (짐승), and rldbstj. Each of them received the movie tickets with the total value of about $50 (5만원), that's about 10~12 movies.
  4. Huckleberry Fin!!! jeany (진이), 9834shm, chadoojin, phpnsjun, nobody (김민지), and Kim Joo Kwan (김지관). These six developers were given Pizza Hut free coupons for Family size pizza (about $30).
  5. The final special prize - a set of Bug Annihilation Sprays to continue eliminating the "bugs" - was given to a featured Bug Hunter - sqlee.
  6. All members also received Branded Eco Mugs.
Once again on behalf of CUBRID Development team I would like to thank you everybody: 차오이, sqlee, 바구니, 짐승, rldbstj, jeany, 9834shm, chadoojin, phpnsjun, 김민지, and 김지관 for your professional effort to make CUBRID better!!!

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