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posted 7 years ago
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Who Choose CUBRID over MySQL

I like to announce this kind of news! Feel happy afterwards!

This week was very busy for both CUBRID support team and CUBRID users. Before we announced that Famous Online Game and Online Word Processor in Korea started to use CUBRID a as back-end database. This week we have two more businesses that chose CUBRID over MySQL, and decided to power their entire Web sites by CUBRID. These are:

  1. XpressEngine CMS Provider
  2. Naver Social Apps


XE is a free and open source content management system for publishing content on the Internet. Created back in1999, XpressEngine has quickly gained its popularity in Korea due to the variety of database it supports (CUBRID, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL, Firebird, SQLite) and the easy of custom packages development it provides to its users. As a result today the developers' community consists of over 550,000 members who run over 100,000 web sites powered by XE.

Yesterday between 14:00~18:00 GMT+9 XE developers successfully migrated their entire official community site from MySQL to CUBRID. They took advantage of the CUBRID Migration Toolkit, a software tool which allows to migrate user data from MySQL to CUBRID database in several unbelievably easily steps. With CMT the actual data [just imagine how much data they have collected since 1999 with over 550,000 members] migration process took around 30 minutes, while the entire testing and verification process lasted for about 4 hours.


NAVER Social Apps is an online store which provides internet users with social game applications which can be run directly from their Web browsers. The only requirement to play games is Adobe Flash plugin installed on users' computers. The attracting feature of this service is its social integration. Users are able to embed the games in their Web sites and blogs, share them with neighbors and friends, and play in the network. By October 31st, over 50 apps were accepted, amongst 13 free and around 40 commercial games. The entire Web site has been developed on top of CUBRID database management system which had recorded over 90 million game installations in one month only which resulted in over $80,000 profit.

As we go I will be posting about other services which use CUBRID as a back-end database. For now, congratulations to both XE developers and NAVER Social Apps service providers with making the right decision and finding the reliable partner for their long-term businesses.

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