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posted 6 years ago
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NHN among the Top 15 Global Public Internet Companies

February 10, 2011, New York - Mary Meeker presented the Top Mobile Internet Trends at Google's ThinkMobile 2011 Confierence, where she mentioned the "New Players Emerging Rapidly" in the market. Among the Top 15 Globally Traded Internet Companies by Market Value in 2011 NHN was ranked #13. Thus, NHN is still the #1 leading Internet company in the domestic market.


Mary Meeker is a former Morgan Stanley securities analyst primarily associated with the Internet who is currently a partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm KPCB (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers). She is well known for her deep knowledge of the IT industry and ability to provide excellent analysis and forecast for the emergence of mobile computing, and new business models.

According to 2011 reports, NHN's market value has increased to 8 billion USD from 1 billion USD in 2004 when NHN was ranked #14 Top Global Internet Company. 6 years were enough to NHN to increase its value 8 times.

To remind, NHN is the main contributor and maintainer of the CUBRID Database project which was first released as an open source project in 2008. NHN uses CUBRID as a primary database management system for many of its web services such as NAVER Blog, NAVER Café Community, NAVER Dictionaries, NAVER Online Word Processor, etc.

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