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posted 7 years ago
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Famous Online Game and Online Word Processor use CUBRID Database


Today is a Big day at, Korea's No.1 Search Portal with 34 million subscribers and 17 million daily unique visitors. Today Naver launches its new Online Word Processor Service backed up by CUBRID Database Server in an Open Beta state. The Word Processor service runs on CUBRID 2008 R2.2 with High-Availability feature ON. There is an approximate estimate that CUBRID Database will process several million batch requests every day.

NaverWord is now available within Naver's most famous nDrive Web Service for storing and managing personal files. Users can now create Word Documents with advanced Tables, Charts, and Images, store them online, and access them from almost anywhere they want, including iPhone and Android phones, PC, Mac, and iPad.

Another famous online service which uses CUBRID as a back-end database management system is A-War Online Game. The below is a Game Trailer created for a Grand Open Ceremony day.

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