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posted 6 years ago
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CUBRID support comes in Hibernate 4.0.0


In addition to CodeIgniter, there is one more good news for CUBRID users. We are making friends with Hibernate!

The story behind Hibernate integration is that at NHN we have a large service running on Hibernate. However, unlike other cases, in this service we use CUBRID as a back-end database engine. So for several years we have been successfully using this combination in production.

Last month, though, we decided to allocate some resources and contact the Hibernate team and commit the patch. Fortunately, there were not serious reasons on Hibernate side which would keep our code away from their master branch thanks to the way Hibernate works.

Since the framework is implemented in Java, it connects to the database server through the JDBC driver, which provides standard Java methods to manage a database. So, ideally Hibernate will work with any database which provides a JDBC driver with a small exception. There has to be a way to tell Hibernate if certain database features, implemented in the framework, are supported by the DBMS. In other words DB vendors need to introduce the Dialect which the database speaks in.

Cutting to the chase, we have committed the CUBRIDDialect class to Hibernate master and 3.6 repositories on GitHub. Yesterday, the Hibernate team released the second Code Release of its new 4.0.0 branch. I have just checked its source code and can confirm that CUBRID dialect is included. Congratulations!

I do not know how many more CRs are planned, but if you wish to use Hibernate with CUBRID now, feel free to download the latest version of its 4.0.0 line from

If you notice any weird behavior when working with CUBRID, please report your issues to our issue tracker. Any other questions can be posted at our CUBRID Forum.

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