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Join our developers event to win one of the valuable prizes!
posted 6 years ago
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CUBRID Bug Bash Event!

Greetings to everyone!

Today at CUBRID we are very happy to announce yet another contest which will start on September 1st, 2011, and will last for one month.

The idea of this Bug Bash event is to fix potential bugs which may exist in the latest version of CUBRID Tools and Web Apps, thus, increase the quality of this software, and engage users in CUBRID development.

For this we invite all users to participate in this event and report any bug. By joining this event you will gain important skills such as a way to give back to the open source community. You will also learn more about CUBRID, its optimizations to Web apps, and finding and reporting bugs. Moreover it is fun and you will have a chance to win one of the valuable prizes.

For more information, visit the event home page at

P.S. Like in previous contests, we will give out $50 Amazon Gift Card for the one who tweets the most about this event or about CUBRID. All you have to do is to retweet all the tweets we post or write your own. Blogs are even highly evaluated!

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