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posted 7 years ago
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CUBRID 3.0 Stable has arrived!

Greetings to all CUBRID Community!

We are proud to announce the final stable release for CUBRID 3.0! We have been working very hard to bring this most advanced and bug-free version of CUBRID Database System. We highly encourage everyone upgrading from previous versions to CUBRID 3.0. You can download the latest CUBRID 3.0 release from the following link:

Error Fixes in CUBRID 3.0

CUBRID 3.0 was exposed to extensive testing which helped us to reveal 30 additional bugs in the previous beta version.

  • Fixed an error in which all the tables are unloaded when executing [Unload database]
  • Fixed an error in which warning window for some query errors would be displayed repeatedly for subsequent queries
  • Fixed an error in which you cannot stop retrieving when the retrieving result exceeds 5,000 in the Query Editor
  • Fixed an error in which the CUBRID Manager would not terminate in a specific situation
  • Fixed an error in which the CUBRID Manager would not start in a specific situation
  • Fixed an error in which query result would be returned abnormally in the Query Editor in a JDK 1.5 environment
New and Enhanced Features in CUBRID 3.0

  • Enhanced HA (High-Availability) feature
  • An option is added to the cubrid compactdb utility to enable online database space compacting
  • New keywords and UI menu support for added statements
  • Supporting user configuration in [Add Status Monitor]
  • Supporting configuration of remote broker host information when executing [New Query Editor]
  • Supporting user login function to [Query Automation]
  • Supporting equal sign to configure the parameter value of cm.conf
  • Supporting an option to restore databases into a specific path
For complete information on CUBRID 3.0 changes, see the 3.0 Release Note.

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