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posted 7 years ago
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2010 NHN DeView Conference for Developers


The 3rd Annual DeView Conference for Developers is going to be held on September 8, 2010. The conference is organized by the almighty NHN Corporation, the leading IT service provider of Korea and the major contributor to CUBRID Open Source Database Project.

2010 NHN DeView Conference will be held in COEX Convention & Exhibition Center, in the heart of Seoul Business District area. The conference is expected to accommodate at least 1,200+ attendees majoring in IT Business and Engineering.


The first conference of this kind was in September, 2008, when over 3,000 attendees joined the event. The main theme of the conference was about the Open Platform Development, which introduced the new trend to focus on - open source platform applications development. At the conference NHN announced to open its platforms to all users. This is when the CUBRID source code has been revealed to the public for the first time. The CUBRID Project had started at, the Naver's portal for developers named as nForge, which is one of those announced Open Platforms.

nForge itself is also based on CUBRID Database. In order to prepare the open source version of CUBRID Database System, there were three Development Teams initiated. One was responsible for marrying CUBRID with nForge for the grand opening at DeView day. The second team was preparing the source code to be released to the public, by modifying the coding style, revising the comments in the code, and discussing the conventions of further development. The third team was preparing the presentation materials for the conference. Simply put, that day is when CUBRID was born the second time.


In the year of 2009, in September, NHN DeView Conference hosted over 1,200 participants. The hot topic of that day was the Open Service Development. NHN announced that it would provide to media companies, bloggers, and the content generators, the direct access to its, which meant that Naver would no longer be the only content creator, but external parties as well like bloggers and media companies, who would create their own contents and have them displayed on the home page of So, the conference talked about What Naver's Open Service prepared for the Content Providers.

During the 2009 DeView conference CUBRID presented its new High-Availability feature, which is designed to provide 24/7 non-stop service, and how to create your own website with CUBRID as a back-end database and XE (XpressEngine) as a front-end Content Management System.


The 2010 NHN DeView Conference will be the continuation of the previous year, but with more emphasis on How to accomplish the certain tasks. It will be more technology-centered event, more developer-friendly. The 1,200+ attendees will be given an opportunity to ask "How to" questions to the leaders, who will be sharing the answers from the real life cases.

This year there will be four tracks: A, B, C, and D. For those developers who will not be able to attend the conference, the Live Broadcasting will be available online, where users can leave their comments as well as their questions. In this coming month during the DeView Conference CUBRID will continue its conversation about its High-Availability feature, but this time the attendees will learn how their web sites can benefit from CUBRID's HA feature, which has been improved much since its first announcement in 2009.

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