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posted 6 years ago
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NHN Developers Conference DeView 2011

2011 NHN DeView Conference for Developers

Recently on October 18, 2011, NHN, the main developer of CUBRID Database, held 4th annual DeView conference for developers, one of the largest conferences organized for IT industry enthusiasts of Korea.

As usual the conference was held in the heart of Korea, Seoul COEX Intercontinental Hotel. This year it was very successful having 3,000 people registered for the conference within first 8 hours after the registration was open on September 26.

For the 4th anniversary of the conference NHN invited leading telecommunication companies like SK Communications, KTH, and IT industry leaders such as Microsoft to give talks and share the insights of their technology. Each of these organizers were allocated 5 tracks with 24 sessions in total which covered recently trendy and most interesting for developers topics such as How to develop mobile apps, and Smartphone push platform integration practices.

The main theme of this year was Sharing Knowledge, Pursuit of Excellence, and Mutual Growth. Previous years DeView provided "How to" (2010), Open Service Development (2009) and Open Platform Development (2008) tracks.

In its session KTH talked about its in-house AppSpresso cross platform mobile development framework, while Microsoft representatives talked about mobile app development for their flagship Windows Phone.

NHN, on the other hand, presented Agile Development Methodologies. On one of its sessions, Web Platform Development Lab members introduced nGrinder, the customized and improved version of popular Grinder Java Load Testing Framework.



Additionally there was a session which raised great delight among Software Developers. It was related to NHN Software Academy NHN official announced in August of this year it would invest 100 million dollars to establish an institution in Korea to train software engineers.

For those enthusiasts who could not register to the conference, NHN provided live broadcasting on the DeView site accomponied with real-time tweeting on Me2Day and Twitter services.

As for CUBRID, we had separate sessions for past three years where we introduced CUBRID Database and explained about its main High-Availability feature. We will resume our session next year.

For previous years recap, visit 2010 NHN DeView Conference for Developers.

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