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posted 7 years ago
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PHP API for CUBRID Database - Video Tutorial

Greetings to everyone from CUBRID Trainings Channel!

As PHP is something almost all websites are being created in, in this article you will learn how to create PHP applications with CUBRID Database running on the back-end.

This video is a part of Development Series of CUBRID Trainings Channel. You will learn what kind of support CUBRID provides for developing Web applications in PHP, how to install and configure PHP Extension, which is used to establish connections with CUBRID Database. Additionally, in this video tutorial you will see the examples how to request the data from CUBRID Database, how to fetch them, and display in the browser. Here I want to remind that last week CUBRID 2008 R3.0 Beta version has been released, which brings lots of MySQL Compatible features such as identical SQL syntax, operators, and same SQL embedded functions. Now on users do not have to worry much that they need to change the entire SQL queries to port their Web applications to work with CUBRID Database. Now almost all your code remains as it is. For more, read How to Port MySQL compatible PHP apps to CUBRID.

In the continuation of this video tutorial, you will learn where to download the PHP Library for CUBRID as well as its source code, how to enable CUBRID Database Extension in php.ini configuration file. As an example you will see how to verify that PHP extension has successfully been configured. We spent sleepless nights to ensure that our users have the great ease-of-use and convenience in developing applications with CUBRID Database. Thus, connecting to CUBRID database is as easy as replacing the "mysql" prefix in "mysql_connect" function to "cubrid", as a result calling cubrid_connect.

The video will last less than 10 minutes, so afterwards we highly recommend you to visit PHP Programming with CUBRID page we have specifically created for PHP Developers. This is the primary page you will be looking for PHP tips and links you will need throughout your PHP Development with CUBRID Database.

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