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posted 7 years ago
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Uniform Server - CUBRID Video Tutorial

Now the second consecutive video tutorial is available on CUBRID Trainings Channel. The first episode introduced us the client GUI for CUBRID DBMS called CUBRID Manager. This second episode will introduce Uniform Server - a WAMP (Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP) software bundle. The version you will see in this video tutorial comes with CUBRID as a database server, i.e. WACP stack.

In this video tutorial you will learn what Uniform Server is, how it works, and how to use it. You will know why it is so special and why we chose it. Uniform Server is just about simplicity. It is distributed only in one zipped file. There is nothing easier than its installation - just unpack it. The video will show you how to start all servers (Apache, CUBRID, PHP) at once, and how to stop them, either manually or automatically. You will also learn how to update your CUBRID or Uniform Server in case there are updates.

Now you do not need to spend your time configuring all the software one by one. Just download Uniform Server, and unpack it. It has everything you need to get online: Apache Web Server, PHP Engine, and the latest CUBRID Database Server.

To download the Uniform Server and learn how to use it, visit

Later we will be uploading more videos. If you want to be up to date and follow our video tutorials, subscribe to our CUBRID Blog or CUBRID Trainings Channel, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.  We will make sure you get the latest news and updates about CUBRID.

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