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posted 7 years ago
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CUBRID Manager - Video Tutorial

Recently we have posted a blog about our upcoming CUBRID Trainings Channel on YouTube. Back then we just opened up an account at YouTube and uploaded no videos. Today we have more than fifty visitors who were interested in watching and searched for CUBRID related video tutorials.

And now, thanks to our Romanian developers team and their persistent effort to make CUBRID well-known, we are pleased to announce our first upload in the series of CUBRID Video Tutorials at Official CUBRID Trainings Channel on YouTube.

It is an introduction video which shows how to visually feel CUBRID DBMS. It is CUBRID Manager, the client interface we have talked about before in our blog "What is CUBRID Manager?". This tutorial describes the MS Windows edition of CUBRID Manager. However, the interface and functionality of CUBRID Manager on Linux Operating System are identical.

So, in the first part of this video tutorial you will learn about what CUBRID Manager is, its architecture, how to connect to CUBRID server and to a particular database. You will also learn about how to start the databases or how to "autostart" them, and many other issues related to database configuration will be explained.

The second part of the video tutorial will tell more interesting stuff like system objects, system tables and views in CUBRID Manager. Also, you will see how to perform basic database operations like browsing tables and views, executing queries, accessing the aggregated information. Then you will learn about some CUBRID Manager features that you can use to customize your queries so that they run faster. Important issues related to user permissions, i.e. creating new database users, and setting their rights, will also be explained. In conclusion, you will see how CUBRID Manager built-in Help System can assist you in administering your databases.

Here is a link to an online tutorial about Installing and Running CUBRID Manager. You may want to read it as well to make sure you know everything to get the most out of your CUBRID Experience.

Here are more videos about CUBRID Manager.

If you wish to give it a try, download CUBRID and CUBRID Manager from CUBRID Downloads page either for Linux or Windows Operating Systems.

If you have any questions regarding CUBRID or CUBRID Manager, please post them on our Official CUBRID Forum.

Later we will be uploading more videos. If you want to be up to date and follow our video tutorials, subscribe to our CUBRID Blog or CUBRID Trainings Channel, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.  We will make sure you are up to date with every news and updates about CUBRID.

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