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posted 6 years ago
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Our New Logo

Hello world!

I am quite excited today to tell you about our new CUBRID logo! Perhaps, you have already noticed the new bright colors on our community page. In this blog I would like to explain the story behind and the meaning of the shapes and colors of the new logo.

Background Story

Since we first introduced the CUBRID RDBMS to the global community in 2009-2010, we have been receiving various comments regarding the CUBRID logo. Some users likes, some did not. The strongest reason users did not like the old logo was its similarity to Oracle's logo. The font was almost similar and the color was also red. Most users did not care much as they said they needed the database itself, not the logo. Nevertheless, some users still insisted on and suggested changing the logo as it was generating the negative impression either because they had negative feelings toward corporate Oracle, or because they thought CUBRID was trying to imitate Oracle or even sell CUBRID DBMS to Oracle.

To backup these comments, last year we conducted a survey to learn the user impressions about the old logo. We have obtained somewhat similar feedback, which finally urged us on taking the steps to change the three-year-old logo. With this request we have turned to the design team at our parent company NHN. We have asked to create a logo which would look flexible, scalable, easy to extend, bright, and friendly. We wanted our new logo to represent what CUBRID is in its core.

In a few months we have received 15 new logo candidates. With this we have surveyed again the developers from Romania, China, and Korea, and finally have picked up the one which you can find below.

Today we are officially announcing the new logo which will accompany our new CUBRID 8.4.0 release that will come with significantly higher performance and many new most requested features.


The new CUBRID logo represents a tangram. It is composed of 7 dissected shapes, called tans, which can be put together to form many other beautiful shapes. This is the flexibility, scalability, and ease of extendability. As in the original tangram, in the CUBRID logo there are 2 large right triangles, 1 medium triangle, 2 small right triangles, 1 square, and 1 parallelogram.

CUBRID Logo as a Tangram in Sansa Font.

CUBRID Logo as a Tangram in Sansa Font placed horizontally.


The 7 tans of the logo represent the 7 colors of the rainbow visible to a normal human eye. They are red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, navy blue, and violet.

However, we have slightly modified the original rainbow colors so that when brought together they match perfectly with each other by contrast. As a result the tangram is colored with red #FF2B36 (sometimes called red orange), orange #FF6305 (or safety orange), yellow #FFAE00, green #00D936 (or pastel green), light sky blue #0091F8 (close to dodger blue), navy blue #002887 (or smalt), and violet #BE34A9 (or red violet). As you can see it starts with red orange and ends smoothly with red violet. We consider these colors as rainbow colors, too. And we like them much! I hope you do, too!


The new font we will be using in our new logo and official documents is Sansa family with light, normal, bold, italic, and black variations. It is a very beautiful font with smooth curves that we liked a lot. It is a commercial font which you can buy from FontShop, for instance.


As the tangram represents the universal shape, we can derive many other shapes and use them as icons for different purposes. It is the matter of creativity. This is what I like the most!

In the meantime, while we replace the old logo with the new one, please let us know your opinion about the new design. Do you like our new logo, new shape, colors, and font?

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