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posted 7 years ago
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NHN I&S uses CUBRID for its Search Results Monitoring System

NHN I&S LogoA short notice! One of the largest users of the CUBRID Database Management System expressed their willingness to have a brief interview with us. Mr. Kim Kee Jeong is a team leader at NHN Information & Services which deploys CUBRID as a backend database management system. The conversation was about which services rely on CUBRID, for how long, and the reason for this choice.

He says that "when choosing a DBMS for critical Web services, they do not go for the reputation or the brand". Mr. Kim emphasized on the "importance of the performance, of how the solution can be optimized for their services". "CUBRID has many features designed specifically for the Internet services, which is why we chose CUBRID," says Mr. Kim Kee Jeong, a team leader at NHN I&S.

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