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posted 7 years ago
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MySQL Conference: Warm up!

April 10, 2010 - Here we are! After a long 11 hour flight from Seoul to San Francisco through Los Angeles, our team has safely arrived to Santa Clara, CA. At the airport in San Francisco we rented a car from Herz, and headed to the South to Santa Clara. In about 40 minutes we had been checking in at HYATT Regency Santa Clara. Not surprisingly, but the first dinner in the US we had in the Korea House restaurant (한국 집). Abroad, kimchi tastes even more delicious!

The next day was the Shopping Day. We visited Office Depot for the appliances necessary for the conference preparation. Bought some stuff like ball-pens, scissors, tapes, blah-blah, blah........ and....... THOSE two Margarita glasses you can see on the picture below, guess why? I am sure other exhibitors will not bring them. I think, this is a very typical Korean cultural habit. Korean people are well known for their high respect and hospitality. They like treating other by inviting to restaurants or presenting valuable gifts. And here is the same story. Our Korean team members considered the visitors as highly valuable guests whom they would like to offer something which can make visitors feel comfortable and happy, i.e. candies. Those two Margarita glasses will be full of chocolates and candies. Isn't that interesting? I like that! Step 2 - in the past.


Today, Monday April 12th, 2010, is the final preparation day. Early morning we registered ourselves and received the attendee and exhibitor badges. Came to our Booth No. 523, fixed tables and posters, set up the Internet connection and a big monitor. To the left you can see how Mr. Kim and Mr. Park were working hard making sure the posters look firm.

Tomorrow starts the most important day! So, for those of you who would like to be up to date what is going on here at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara, follow us on CUBRID.twitterCUBRID.facebook, or subscribe to our blog via RSS.

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