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posted 5 years ago
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CWM Bug Bash Winners are Announced! Who's got the MacBook Air?


Winners of the 5th CUBRID Developers Event are listed bellow! Congratulations to these winners! They won 13'' MacBook Air, three Amazon Kindle Fire tablet computers, and $50 Amazon/iTunes Gift Cards.

About the event

To remind you, last month in August, 2012, we started a month long event dedicated to primarily finding bugs in our new CUBRID Web Manager, a powerful Web based database administration tool. Participants could earn point by requesting new features and reporting various bugs. Each reported issue was rewarded depending on its type: new feature (0.5 points), trivial issue (0.5p), minor issue (1p), major issue (2p), critical issue (3p), and blocker issue (4p). For more information about the event, see Smashing the Bugs in CUBRID Web Manager.


As a result of this CWM Bug Bash event, 148 issues have been reported by 8 participants. Among them 37 issues have been rejected as they were unreproducible, invalid, or duplicates of already reported issues. Thus, we have 111 issues accepted by our Dev team. We have already fixed 63 issues thanks to the following list of great contributors.


Finally we are ready to announce the list of winners of the past CWM Bug Bash event based on the final standings!

  1. MacBook Air 13'' goes to Stefan Papusoi (ipstefan) who has reported 25 bugs and has requested 34 new features; earns 49 points.
  2. Three Amazon Kindle Fire go to:
    1. Yeon Woong Cho (caoy) who has reported 8 bugs and 25 new features; earns 25.5 points.
    2. Daniel Bronshtein (dani-br) who has reported 5 bugs and 1 new feature; earns 12.5 points.
    3. Emanuel Bronshtein (e3b) who has reported 4 bugs and 2 new features; earns 6 points.
  3. Catea Paulina (pololina) receives $50 Amazon/iTunes Gift Card who has requested 9 new features; earns 4.5 points.

Сongratulations to all of you! We will contact each winner by email.

We are very thankful for your great help to make CUBRID Web Manager a better tool that everybody can use for free! We will be very glad to ship these valuable products to your doorsteps! We sincerely believe you will enjoy your new gadgets or buy great developer books!

Social contribution

As we promised, we are giving out $50 worth Amazon and iTunes Gift Cards to those who will share this Bug Bash news on their social networking services. Congratulations to the following three users!

Thank you very much for sharing our event with your followers!

With respect,
CUBRID Dev Team!

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