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posted 4 years ago
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CUBRID open source RDBMS project is looking for a Fedora Package Sponsor


On behalf of CUBRID open source database project I wanted to take a chance and make a public announcement that we are looking for a Fedora Package Sponsor who would mentor us on submitting CUBRID package to Fedora repository.

It has been three years since we have created a Review Request at Recently we have received quite many reviews and now we are at a point when we need a sponsor to move on to the next stage.

So, if you know someone or you know someone who knows someone who is a sponsor at Fedora and would be willing to sponsor us, we would appreciate very much if you let us know by commenting on this post.

For a reference, Packager sponsor responsibilities states:

Packager Sponsors are maintainers that have a good record of maintaining packages, doing reviews and assisting others with the processes and procedures of Fedora. Sponsors act as mentors for new contributors to help point them to areas they would like to contribute, assist them with processes and procedures and assist them when they need general guidance. 

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