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posted 6 years ago
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CUBRID in Italian: Translation Validation Needed

Several months ago one of the CUBRID community members has contributed to the project translating the CUBRID system messages into Italian language. The same user has translated the CUBRID page on Wikipedia into Italian. Now we have a confirmation from the CUBRID Developers Team that these translated messages have been compiled and will be soon committed to the CUBRID 3.2 branch under the /contrib directory, where all community contributions are hosted. "If we find the contributors who will help us continuously maintain the language files, we are eager to officially accept the translation and commit it to the main repository where we already have English and Korean language files," says Kim Seong Kyu, the PM Team leader.

But before that we would like to make sure the translation is done precisely so that the prospect users can understand correctly all messages they may receive in Italian. For these reason we are looking for Italian users who could revise and verify the translated messages, making an invaluable contribution to the CUBRID Project. Indeed, we will make sure the contributors are rewarded for their help. If anyone would like to help us or knows someone who is fluent in Italian language and would be ready to help us, tweet to @cubrid, and we will get back to you instantly.

To download the original system messages in English, click on this link (

 To download the compiled Italian message files (based on CUBRID 3.0), click on this link (

To install the compiled messages for CUBRID, follow these steps:

  1. Download file above.
  2. Extract zip file to <CUBRID installed path>/msg/en_US directory and override *.cat files
  3. Check if CUBRID_LANG environment variable is set to "en_US". (if not, change it to "en_US")
  4. Restart CUBRID service (type 'cubrid service restart' in the terminal).
For Italian language support discussions, visit

If you have other questions, tweet to @cubrid or post your message to the CUBRID forum.

P.S. We also need maintainers for CUBRID page on Wikipedia in Italian

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