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posted 6 years ago
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CUBRID Architect Wins 2011 Best DB Solution Innovator Award in Korea

We are very proud to announce that ESeok Oh, a CUBRID Database Architect with over 20 years of database design and development experience, has been chosen as 2011 Best DB Solution Innovator of Korea.

To remind, Korea Database Agency has recently announced the results of the nomination for the annual ceremony of Best DB Innovators Award which should be held today on November 17, 2011.

Overall 5 awards have been identified to be handed out this year:


Eligibility criteria.

 Data Guru

 A leading expert who can represent Korea's Database Industry.

 Data Sponsor

 An administrator of a company or institution who has contributed to Database development and distribution.

 DB Service Innovator

 A specialist associated with DB Service Provider who has contributed to development of Innovative DB Service Models.

 DB Solution Innovator

 A professional associated with DB Solution Provider who has contributed to development and promotion of innovative Database solutions.

 DB Consultant

 A professional consultant associated with Consulting Firm who has showed outstanding performance.

Once again congratulations to ESeok Oh for winning the title of the Best DB Solution Innovator of Korea.

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