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posted 6 years ago
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Announcing March #Quizland Winners

Hi Quizlanders!

We have started the CUBRID #Quziland event on March 1, 2011, and throughout the whole month we were publishing quite easy questions to let you, guys, get acquainted with CUBRID. To make it more interesting, we included a few more challenging questions, especially the last one, isn't it?

Overall 117 users have attended the event. There were 86 members who got all 10 questions correct. After tracking down the IP addresses and the total execution time of each user, we have found some of participants have shared answers in the last moment with their co-workers, which explains why so many users suddenly joined the event the last day and answered all the questions. We have agreed to exclude them from the pool.

From the remaining set, we have picked 11 members to represent the honored standings of winners of our first March CUBRID Quizland competition!

Those users who have helped us spreading the news about the Quizland, by tweeting/retweeting CUBRID tweets, writing blogs, posting on CUBRID's Facebook page, and giving some feedback by email or on CUBRID Forum, and have got all 10 questions correct, were elevated in the ranking.

As a result we are pleased to announce the following standings. We will contact each user by their email.

iPad Winner

16GB Apple iPad goes tooooooooooo @maxidac from Romania who had also provided us the real answer for the question #3 which asked contestants to:

Create a complete SQL query to find the name of the stadium where the most gold medals were ever won.

For this question we gave the following hint:

SELECT FROM stadium s, game g

WHERE s.code = g.stadium_code AND ______

GROUP BY g.stadium_code ORDER BY count(medal) DESC LIMIT 1;

Even though filling out the blank with medal = 'G' gives the correct result, considering the original set of records in the stadium and game tables which assumes only one stadium with the most gold medals ever won in, this hint does not provide the complete answer. The below correct and completed answer is suggested by maxidac.

SELECT FROM stadium s, game g WHERE s.code = g.stadium_code AND g.medal='G' GROUP BY g.stadium_code HAVING count(medal)=(select max(count_medal) from (select count(medal) count_medal from game where medal='G' group by stadium_code) stat_medal)

None of other users have submitted truly correct answer to this question, so we accepted all.

iPod Touch Winner

8GB iPod Touch goes tooooooooooo @urbansoot from the United States who also continuously retweets and "likes" CUBRID posts on Facebook. We appreciate your activity very much!

Sony Digital Cameras

The first 14MP Sony DSC goes tooooooooooo slapo from Slovakia who has also provided his valuable feedback on the CUBRID Forum.

The second 14MP Sony DSC goes tooooooooooo insecure from Romania who has also posted on his blog about the Quizland event. Thank you for your letting your readers know about our competition.

Amazon Gift Certificates

$50 Amazon Gift Cards go to 7 lucky members:

  • @ernest from Kyrgyzstan who has also spread Quizland info on Twitter.
  • caoy from Korea who has also developed the AutoSet Windows bundle to install CUBRID together with Apache, PHP, MySQL, Subversion, and XpressEngine CMS.
  • ivan from Denmark
  • tibip from Romania
  • chase from Korea
  • cymwin18 from China
  • zhangqiang from China

Other 10 out of 10 users

colin, feifniao, yogesh, zhaoyanyan, sunshine, jessie, fiona, qiren, qiangjoy, liubing, yz_beijing, jtblue, ljn_beijing, nicky, tangjialing, tangjindong, frank, sky, congyang, lizuolun, qunzhu, balao, oainf, inff, gni952, cuicenallen, yadanxu, loveellen, loveallen, ljellen, iamallen, oneofabc, oneofccb, kuailekemi, moondoo, xiaobai, saturn, zhiqiang, cash, chatter, abbccc, blankbox, benaiah, donkey, chinauser, db_emily, eve_liu, sary, shikuang, sunrain407, luffy, vivi, zoro, sanji, nami, robin, chopper, usopp, bccddd, cddeee, deefff, sophie, liselin, qa_li, myself, beibei, hgnah, catalin, cubrid_guy, jlpqhot, love_cubrid, fanzaiqiang, tskim, lsb0129

If you somehow feel grateful and would like to thank the Quizland event organizers or to the entire CUBRID Community, you can do so on your blog, Twitter or Facebook. In this case, don't forget to mention CUBRID (@cubrid) or hash tag Quizland (#Quizland) so that we notice. As you see it strongly affects the ranking after the preliminary filtering.

On behalf of our team, I thank everyone who participated in March #Quizland event for their time and effort with answering the CUBRID specific questions.

We’ll see you on the next tournament ... probably in May!

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